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Door set "Bromley"

SKU: Grey 880-2070
Security Class: 

Door set "Bromley"

Class 3 ENV 1627 secure door set to include:

White powder coated steel frame and door leaf

2 welded COMBI ARIALDO hinges

External frame dimensions 80 X 880 X 2070

External panel ( Painted RAL 7016 marine plywood )

Inner panel. (White wood grain PVC on Umidax board )

Multipoint Fiam locking system ( 7 Points +4 )

Stainless steel threshold plate

600 mm stainless steel handle & 100x300 letterbox 

Opening directions:  Inwards to the right or left

Door color matching front threshold

Door comes with 10 years steel structure guarantee ( Terms and conditions applies) 

10-14 days lead time if not in stock .


PDF Gallery (download)

Locks & Hardware

Flat pack door sets prefited with ISEO Fiam multipoint locking device ( 7 Points +4 ) 6 class ( 5 years guarantee , 5 keys )

More locking options  available at custom door department.


Glazed door range  available only at custom door department.

Levels of protection required vary from customer to customer, but we can provide secure glazing for virtually any application and to meet the demands of any risk assessment. All of our security doors are glazed as standard with Pilkington ‘Optilam’ P6B 14m laminated double glazed panels in order to provide greater security than any other glass. It is proven to withstand multiple blows from an axe or hammer, which are the most commonly used weapons by smash-and-grab criminals. This type of glazing can be installed as clear, tinted, frosted or even bulletproof, depending on your requirements.

Our talented artists can work with you to design stained glass for your door that is unique. This can include anything from family crests to door numbers. We are even able to replicate the stained glass in your existing door if this is necessary to comply with heritage requirements in your neighbourhood.

Finally, it is worth noting that the installation of securely glazed doors in residential or commercial premises can reduce insurance premiums.


Our flat pack doors curently available only in one design as on main photo attached 

Custom  designs  available only at custom door department.


Construction and guarantees are same to our flat and custom range doors.

The fully customisable external and internal door panels conceal a complex series of technical components that offer an unrivalled level of security and flawless operation. The external door panels can be made to reflect a certain style of architecture such as Victorian, Georgian, traditional 1930s or a modern day town house, while the door itself provides security, insulation and a notable reduction in noise.

Our product line is huge and ranges from metal and security doors for apartments and houses, including secure patio doors, to special purpose security doors for arms lockers and money vaults. In recent years, the structure of our manufactured doors has changed significantly. Modern techniques include:

• Resistance welding workshops.
• Metal-forming machines transfer lines.
• Modern powder coating workshops.
• PVC coating workshops with Italian diaphragm presses.

The application of these innovative techniques allows us to maintain the highest levels of quality and to constantly improve the design of our products. To prolong product life and maintain performance, for example, we apply Medite Tricoya Extreme Durable MDF ( optional ), the most advanced finishing material in the industry.


Our flat pack door sets are certified as class 3 by IFT Rosenhiem ( Germany ) 

CERBERUS XT Class-3 – Provides sufficient protection from experienced burglars using heavy duty drilling and hammering equipment.

(Certificate attached on the right)



Here you will find feedback from some of our clients regarding our products and services. We are continually striving to improve our product quality and professional approach so please get in touch today and experience this level of excellence for yourself.