Guarantees & Installation Policies


Our door sets come with the following guarantees, separately for each door part:

  •   10 years steel structure only (to include door frame ,door leaf & hinges).
  •   3 years anticorrosion guarantee if parts are not damaged, which can be extended up to 6 years  (if the door is not damaged and protected from direct weather influence), or up to 10 years for an internal apartment door.
  •   15-year anti-corrosion guarantee for externally fitted doors with zinc plated construction, for an additional £140 per standard door. This option will protect the door from rust even if paint is slightly damaged.

Door panels (external and internal):

  •   4 years external paint guarantee (if the door is not damaged and protected from direct weather influence).
  •  12 years external panels guarantee from twisting or splitting , if the Medite Tricoya extreme MDF option is chosen. At extra 125+VAT per standard size door, this option recomended for glazed doors and side panels only.
  •  Please note that if damaged our door panels can be easily filled, sanded and repainted like any standard wooden door.

Locks and lock adjustment after installation:

  •  3-5 years past the manufacturer guarantee for all locks, depending on the supplier.
  • OTHER HARDWARE IMPORTANT !  With all our door sets we supply standard hardware that is purchased from other independent suppliers / manufacturers .We allow £80 budget per doorset. 
    Standard letter plates, centre knobs, door knockers, lever and bar handles to be fitted by default to match security lock finish but may vary from supplier. If a certain finish is required client must send specification via email and/or provide samples BEFORE OREDER IS CONFIRMED.
    In case of faults or warrantee issues hardware manufacturers responsible directly and must be contacted directly by the client.
    Please note that we take full warrantee for integrated locks and cylinders only.

Please note that our fitters will adjust all locks to ensure they work to a high standard, but due to the setting up period or unforeseen building movements, such as those caused by the creation of new openings or extensions such as porches, locks may need additional adjustment. Such follow up adjustments are not covered by a guarantee and additional visits for clients outside a three mile radius from our showroom at SE12 8RW may be subject to an extra charge of £76+VAT.

Lead time: 

To ensure quality and fitness for purpose, all of our security doors are bespoke and for this reason we are unable to maintain a stock in order to supply them in a matter of days. Our focus is on doing something well, not just fast. That said, we are able to provide the following approximate lead times for our doors as a guide:

  • Modern unglazed - 4-5 weeks
  •  Modern glazed - 5-7 weeks
  •  Traditional unglazed - 5-6 weeks
  • Traditional glazed - 6-7 weeks
  • Doors with custom-stained glazing and other non-standard options take around 8-10 weeks.

Please note the following important points regarding lead times:

  •  Due to the tight factory schedule, it is not possible for your order to jump the queue or be produced more quickly, even for an extra charge. We will not compromise on quality.
  • Your lead time will start from the day you have approved the drawings and after a 50% deposit has been paid.
  • You will receive your first update no earlier than 10-14 days before your door arrives at our warehouse.
  • Shipping time is included in the total lead time, but as issues outside our control can affect delivery, it may be extended by up to a week without giving any notice.

Installation terms and conditions:

  •   The exact date of installation can be booked no earlier than a week before the door arrives at our warehouse.
  •   We reserve the right to cancel the installation date if we believe bad weather conditions will hinder our ability to deliver a high quality installation.
  •   A cancellation of the installation date by the client may lead to rebooking delay of up to 7-14 days depending on current workload levels.
  •   The installation of a door typically takes between four to eight hours depending on the size of the door, ease of access to the site and a range of other factors.
  •   Please note that your old door and frame may be damaged in the process of removing it from the opening, so if you would like to retain it for whatever reason, you will need to make alternative arrangements for its removal.
  •   We only install the front door frame and the doors you have ordered, although we also adjust the locks and hinges to make sure everything works to a high standard.
  •   If you wish to fix internal architraves or other beadings, this must be agreed with us in advance.
  •   External frame sealing is included if the opening is already prepared for this, and can be done immediately after the door is installed.
  •   We do not provide any kind of internal / external decorations such as plastering, crack-filling or painting around the frame. A 240v power supply and basic welfare must be provided by the client and should be available on site throughout the whole of the installation period.

Installation Guarantee

  •  12 month fitting guarantee. Damage caused by improper use will void the guarantee, survey and repair charges will apply.

Please note:

No guarantee is given for the supply only of doors from ''Buy Now Range'' , as damages and other wrong adjustments can be made to the door structure during unprofessional installation. Please check package and door condition on delivery. Full refiting charges + materials applies.


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