About us

Our story

Family-run business Cerberus Doors has just celebrated its ninth year of successful operation in the UK, during which time we have taken great pride in designing and installing high quality security front doors for homes and businesses. Manufacturer ''Totum Security Doors'' were originated in Vilnius, Lithuania in 1992 and was one of the Lithuanian market leaders in the production of security and armoured doors for 20 years. The manufacture of the doors still takes place in Lithuania, but six years ago co owner Darius Virokaitis and his daughter Victoria decided to move the sales side of the business to the UK. This decision was driven by the discovery of a gap in the market for the design and installation of security doors that look like any other door, but have all the strength to deter even the most experienced and determined of burglars.


Smart clients

We are ever grateful for the trust smart Londoners have shown in Cerberus security products. Nothing makes us prouder than hearing you say, “This really is one hell of a door”.


Cerberus Security Doors are known around the world for their exceptional quality, but it is not only about strength. Cerberus Doors takes pride in building beauty into every door we produce. To ensure we satisfy our clients’ passion for style, we offer a fine selection of designs and elegant hardware sets to complement any architectural look.Recognised by the IFT Rosenheim testing institute in Germany, the international gold standard of quality, our steel security doors have surpassed even the most demanding European tests for various security requirements. Our extensive line of products range from our Cerberus BS (CLASS2) to Cerberus T-REX (CLASS 4)  all the way through to bespoke doors customised to satisfy even the most demanding of clients.