How It’s made

Cerberus Security Doors aren’t just making high specification steel security doors, we are making beautiful ones. We believe there is no need to compromise on design or security, which is why, using the latest technology, machinery and engineering innovations, we can build doors with flawless operation to match a design of your choice, or create something completely bespoke. Alternatively, Cerberus Doors can even build our high security doors to be complimentary to a buildings’ architecture, utilising a relevant Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian design, for example, but with the advantage of an engineered steel construction, you benefit from a much more timeless and sturdy door.

If you want something cutting edge, we can create contemporary and modern to compliment your personal style. All doors, no matter the style, are exceptionally thermally efficent and soundproof. (Our steel security doors are often fitted on apartments and houses of all costs and styles) as front entrance doors, back doors, internally, or even for a panic room or vault rooms. We also have a wide range or secure patio doors which utilise our triple laminated security glazing. 

Our High Security Doors doors combine an innovative mix of manufacturing and engineering techniques through utilisation of high end innovative CNC machinery and craftsmanship. Every door contains a refined process of building, welding, machine engineering, and hand finishing. Every material is carefully selected for it’s qualities in building the ultimate luxury door, for example; we use Medite Tricoya, a revolutionary MDF which is extremely durable and weather resistant for our cladding and detailing, ensuring the detailing on our doors stand the test of time. (

How It’s made

Our factory

High Security Locks

Cerberus Doors believes the most important factor in building a security door is the locking system. Our door locks are made in Italy, where high specification security locking systems are world renowned for their reputation and innovations. Layer upon layer of security measures are applied to our doors, and the ISEO FIAM or Mottura locking system is no different, featuring it’s double locking capabilities and patented gear mechanism.

Cerberus Security Doors, as standard, have 11 multi-locking points (meaning both sides and the top and bottom) of your Cerberus Security Door are secure and protected from a potential break in. Check them out at or

As our primary lock, we use the ISEO FIAM 678 or Mottura NR. 84 high security locks with ISEO R6 cylinder that is protected by an anti-drilling, anti-bump and anti-picking magnesium defender. Our cylinder  casings comes in multiple finishes like Brass; Satin Brass; Chrome and Satin Chrome. Or can be powder coated in any RAL colour to clients specifications  We also offer biometric and motorised locking systems. We utilise the incredibly secure X1R Easy or X1R Smart (compatible with ARGO App on smartphone These locks can be combined with the wide variety of entry devices we can provide, such as E-KEY Finger Scanner, Keypad or Touchpad. As our doors are bespoke, we can also offer , Dorma, ASSA , KABA and other high-end security locking devices according to your specification. Following our high security locking system, we can also provide external or concealed door closers, drop seals, integrated security door chains and alarm sensors, all of which can be done under one roof at our factory: Most of these security features are built into the internal construction of the door, meaning an added level of security for your home and a more luxurious finish to the door. 

Importantly - we have a range of options to finish our lock casings, making sure they discreetly and stylishly tie in perfectly with your Cerberus Security Door. Whether it’s satin or polished brass, satin or polish chrome, or even powder coated to match your door - our casings not only provide an added layer of extra security, they provide a complimentary aesthetic too. Our locks are the most important aspect to the door and we therefore invest heavily into their utilisation and application. 

3D Printed keys , BE AHEAD OF THE GAME

Our newest addition to the cylinder range is from URBAN ALPS 

Many awards winning  key hides its security features under narrow edges. What’s invisible is un scannable and thus offers maximum key copy protection. It comes with highest Lock Picking and Bump Resistance cylinders that Retrofittable to existing doors . Handcrafted and custom made with superalloy anti drill shield.


Cerberus Doors has a network of trusted and preferred suppliers who pay meticulous attention to detail in manufacturing and sourcing only the very best architectural ironmongery and furniture for our doors. This includes door handles, door knockers, letterboxes, house numbers and various finishing touches to make sure your security door is accessorised perfectly. This means no matter what style your home is, your door will be suitably matched with stunning hardware, whether it’s antique or polished brass, satin or polished chrome, or a completely bespoke piece made specifically for you. We can even powder coat the furniture with your choice of colour, the design options are endless. 

Our furniture comes in a range of finishes, modern or traditional designs, sizes and materials, so we can perfectly match and style your door furniture to your security door in luxury, whether it’s for a residential or commercial application. Cerberus Doors understand that a bespoke door needs to feel exclusive, we therefore also work closely with suppliers that provide an even wider range of finishes like antique brass, hand-made and artisan pieces to cutting edge, modern designs for a perfect way to subtly compliment your door or make a statement on the entrance of your home.

List of our ironmongery suppliers we are proud of .

Premium Range

Standard Range

Stainless Steel range ( Premium letterboxes & bar handles )

Bespoke & Secure Glazing

Levels of protection required vary from customer to customer, but at Cerberus Doors, we can provide secure glazing for any application and to meet the demands of any risk assessment. All of our security doors are glazed with triple laminated glass units as standard. All glass panels are incorporated into the steel casings and secured with special shaped angle brackets that are secured with stainless steel 5mm rivets every 150m along the whole perimeter of the glass unit. 

For even greater security, we can also offer Pilkington ‘Optilam’ P6B 14m laminated glass panels . It is proven to withstand multiple blows from an axe or hammer, which are the most commonly used weapons by smash-and-grab criminals. This type of glazing can be installed as clear, tinted, sandblasted, fire rated , blast or bulletproof, depending on your requirements.

If you require stained glass, or replication of a current door design to comply with heritage requirements in your area, our talented artists can work with you on a completely bespoke basis, creating, suggesting and sourcing the most beautiful options on the market. To really add a personal touch to your Cerberus Security Door, we can include anything from family crests to door numbers in our glass units. We can do all this without compromising on security. Finally, it is worth noting that the installation of securely glazed doors in residential or commercial premises can significantly reduce insurance premiums.

Invincible Construction

Cerberus Security Doors builds some of the most secure doors in the World . It’s why our doors can be found from Manchester to Miami, Scotland to Spain, and even Germany and Grenada. Our doors are internationally respected for their quality and design. We do this by constantly analysing manufacturing and material development and engineering techniques to ensure we remain at the forefront of development in the security door industry. 

Our door construction is a reflection of this, panels, glazing, locks, cladding. Every aspect of our doors, where possible, are discretely and securely integrated into our doors architecture. This an unrivalled advantage of Cerberus Doors constructing our bespoke security doors in our UK factory; luxurious design meeting high end security seamlessly, with perfection in mind from the very beginning. We provide CAD drawings to every client before manufacturing, and oversee construction from start to finish, so you know Cerberus build your door with the utmost passion, and precision every single time. 

Bespoke Panels

Our panel work is a combination of our work in other sections mentioned above, high design, technical application and innovation meeting together. Whether it’s Medite Tricoya, Okume wood,  or custom materials, our panel work is what allows you creative control and flair on our Security Doors. Cerberus Doors specialise in copying and replicating any current or historical door design (glasswork included!) to meet with Council or heritage regulations. This ensures your door matches with the period of your property, and gives you the ability to add high grade security door to your property, without changing the look of the door from the street. The ability to create bespoke panel work has a wide range of applications, whether discreetly matching your old door, or even being able to replicate a door you’ve seen online, on websites like Pinterest and Instagram. 

Our bespoke panels are (attached with invisible fixings) that don’t interfere with our steel frames and doors. This means Cerberus Doors don’t warp or expand like their older, wooden counterparts, making them ideal to preserve the look of your property for longer, without all the draughts and weatherproofing issues other types of doors will face. It does, however, mean we can paint, treat and design the doors to your chosen design without compromise. We can use well known paint Farrow&Ball, Little Greene, Mylands or standard RAL Colours to create the perfect door in your favourite colour! 

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