( Cerberus Doors is a trading name of Fussy Choice LTD ) 


STEEL STRUCTURE ( Frame, door leaf & hinges ) 

1. 10 years steel structure for door frame , door leaf & hinges only (annual hinge bearing oiling service needed , WD40 spray or other thicker oil, before oiling bearings door needs to be lifted up to 5mm up.)

2. 3 years steel part anti-corrosion guarantee if metal parts are not damaged ( door must be protected from direct weather influence , from mould or permanently rising damp). 

3. 20 years steel structure guarantee for internal apartment doors;  frame , door leaf & hinges . ( 18 month hinge bearings oiling service recommended  , WD40 spray or other thicker oil can be used. Before oiling bearings the door needs to be lifted 5 mm up.)


EXTERNAL DOOR PANELS : ( Flat carved , modern designs , always made from Medite Tricoya )


1. 2 years from cracking and paint peeling if door is modern or traditional but with flat millings.

2. Modern doors with flat panels fitted without protection above are covered with 1.5 year paint guarantee if not damaged (excluding okoume & solid oak wood)

3. Minor invisible from 2 metre distance paint imperfections are permitted. 

4. No guarantee given for any door panels if doors open outwards and if there is no full protection from weather influence.

5. 10 years external flat panels guarantee from twisting or splitting , layer of paint or primer not included. 


EXTERNAL DOOR PANELS : ( Victorian , Georgian , 1930'S  with intricate beadings usually made from wooden mouldings , Okoume or Medite Tricoya  )


1. Door sets with intricate wooden , Medite Trycoya  , okoume or other plywood mouldings ( usually Victorian, Georgian and Edwardian styles ) dark , especially glossy dark colour finishes are NOT covered with a warrantee against intricate moulding edge or mitre micro cracking. To slow down this process full protection from weather influence for that kind of door is required.

2. Please consider carefully before choosing traditional above surface moulded designs as they always require more maintenance than flat carved ones .

3. Please visit our show room to view the glossy finishes we offer, and keep in mind that a shiny door needs very high and scheduled maintenance to keep it this way. 



1. As a natural product, even the best  timber door mouldings may experience some movement in all planes, movement within the published British standards will not constitute a defect. The guarantee does not cover the paint finish, some variation should be expected and small cracks on joints and in the face, whilst rare, are not unexpected or of structural concern. These should be filled and repainted with the touch up paint provided. ( Applies only if solid wood used ) 

2. Please note that dark doors eg. black especially with a gloss finish will fade and beadings will experience movement if fitted in direct sunlight and rain. 

3.To keep the finish smooth and shiny ensure no abrasive materials or chemicals are used to clean your door. Microfibre cloth with some soapy water and glass cleaner for glass parts is more that enough to keep your door clean. 


The good news is that even if the external panel is damaged by weather or vandals it will NEVER impact your internal door steel structure , locking or functionality. You will remain safe in your home.           

All our door panels can be sanded,  filled and painted many times like any standard wooden door.




1.  1 years for ISEO - FIAM  Mottura and ASSA locks depending on the supplier. ( Annual lock oiling service recommended  , WD40 spray or similar) . Please note issues due to improper use will incur a additional charge.

2.  1 year lock cylinder ( for all type of locks cylinders). 6 months for commercial and communal entrance door.

3.  1 year for FIAM keypads remote pads and Radio receivers , E-KEY  finger scanners and electric latches , frame plates . ( Must be without visible or other damage ) 

4.  1 Year for door closers , and 6 months if door closer fitted at communal entrance or commercial premises. (6 month interval maintenance required )

5.  Charges apply if debris is found in the lock after building work has been carried out as dust can cause build up.

The warranty applies to products located in the UK.


All moving parts (locks and hinges) must be lubricated at least once yearly to ensure they work as designed. In dusty or extreme conditions intensity should be increased. Excess oil must be removed, along with any debris or dirt.


PLEASE NOTE we do not offer emergency call out service if keys are lost, broken , or you get locked outside . Unless it is within 2 mile mile radius from SE12 8RW and only 8am-4pm pm Monday - Friday. 

Please find the following locksmiths below incase of an emergency.

(Please note we are not responsible for charges incurred; please ensure more than 2 quotes are received)




1. South Eeast London :  Terry's All Locks   02084808348

2. 24/7  250 Kings Road SW3 5UE  02038703732 

3. 24/7 08081094071 ( free phone ) 


ALL EXTRA KEY COPIES ( EXCLUDING MOTTURA & MULTI-LOCK )  can be ordered at [email protected] or at our head office 388-390 Lee High Road, Lee Green, SE12 8RW. You must provide serial number of the key or security card that been provided after installation of door . 

Visits must be booked in advance or alternatively when ordering the door ensure to note how many key copies are required.  


FIAM Key : £35+VAT 

Plus shipping if required.

Alternatively you can cut FIAM keys online by providing the code only, prices start from £45 per key.


FRONT DOOR HARDWARE: ( Budget of £100 included ) 


1. To include:  standard 100x300 letterbox , centre door knob , door knocker & spy hole. Long bar handles for modern doors is also included. If your budget goes the over we simply charge the difference.

2. We do not supply standard inner tidies due to draft issues/rattling noises, we recommend our BLUE premium letter box set at extra cost ( Cut out opening to fit it 95x315).

3. If you are happy with standard quality inner tidy we have provided the link below ( standard aperature to cover is 80x250mm ) please choose minimum size of 125x350mm for inner tidy when ordering.

4. Non standard internal handles must be supplied by client on installation day and delivered on site. ( Please do not send any hardware to our office , unless it needs to be sent to the factory ) 

5. Concealed alarm sensors can be installed by us for £65 +VAT but must be connected  by clients engineer after the door is fitted.


Bespoke kick plates made to order:




Standard letter plates, centre knobs, door knockers, lever and bar handles to be fitted by default to match lock casing,  please note that finish may vary from supplier. If a certain finish is required client must send specification via email and/or provide hardware BEFORE ORDER IS CONFIRMED.

All hardware is hand finished so small imperfections may occur. If there are any issues with the hardware client must contact them directly, please find links below. Significant damage of hardware must be noted on installation date only, we will not accept hardware complaints after installation. 








1. Laminated glass panels comes with 10 years guarantee and airtightness for 5 years if there is no visible damages or visible attempt of forced entry. Seals or silicone around glass may need to be redone if gasket was removed or damaged. 

2. Small minor imperfection up to 2 mm on glass panels or frosted matting are permitted as per suppliers terms and conditions. Small air spots on frosted film usually disappear 6-10 weeks after installation.

3. Please note that due to secure door construction all requested Georgian lead or MDF bars/ stained glass is to be fitted on top of single glass panel . If you choose clear glass panel silicone sealing on glass bars will be visible from inside. 

4. Glass units are a raw material and they go through many processes. Glass units are manmade and may have minor imperfections within (e.g. scratches, blemishes or flaws). We will only replace damaged units that fall outside of the Glass and Glazing Federation’s (GGF) industry set standards. More information can be found on the GGF website:

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